BarTender Web Print Server

BarTender Web Print Server 9.22

BarTender WPS provides browser-based interface for label selection and printing
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BarTender Web Print Server (WPS) is an ASP.Net application that provides a browser-based interface for label selection and printing. Users of browsers on regular PCs, non-Windows computers, and even handheld PDAs can easily browse and select label formats and submit them for printing by the BarTender Web Print Server application running on a Windows server.

BarTender Web Print Server supports three different methods of printing: Standard Window Printing, Internet Printing (which has two variants: Queue-based and Direct-to-port), and PDF Printing. Understanding the requirements and advantages of each method will help you to successfully install and deploy WPS.

BarTender Web Print Server (WPS) lets you browse, select, and print BarTender label formats from any operating system or platform that can run a web browser

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